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Preachingsymbols.com is a ministry of  Rev. Derek R. Davenport

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Let your symbols preach.

When we worship, we are surrounded by visual imagery. From familiar shapes like the Latin Cross to mysterious letters like ICXC NIKA, the images may be on stained glass windows or slideshows, but they're all around us. Even the intentional absence of visual imagery has come to serve as a symbol of a particular kind of theology. Those symbols are preaching, and  PreachingSymbols.com is designed to help you hear them.  

For each image, we include Bible studies, symbol explanations, and preaching helps to develop your understanding of these ancient Christian symbols.

​- Rev. Derek R. Davenport


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Clashing Symbols

These videos are a series of classes on the development of Christian symbols throughout history.


Learn about PreachingSymbols.com and meet its creator: Rev ​Derek R. Davenport


Explore the directory of Christian Symbols along with their meanings and related Bible Studies.

Audio Sermons

Access an archive of recently preached sermons in streaming audio!