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Free Bible Study on the Winged Eagle:

Given the historical debate over the Christian symbols of the evangelists, they lend themselves quite easily to a Bible study, and overview of the gospels.

After reviewing the historical arguments as found above, read Mark 1, and John 1.1-18.  Consider which interpretation makes the most sense, addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the other side.

Preaching with the Christian Symbol of the Eagle:

Naturally, these Christian Symbols are a great way to preach from Ezekiel 1 or Revelation 4.  They are also helpful if you are talking about scripture itself.  Otherwise, it's not likely that you'll use all four symbols together.  In most cases, you will be able to use them more effectively individually.

When would the eagle fit in the liturgical calendar?

These symbols are not tied to any particular time or event in the liturgical calendar.  With their role as throne bearers, they could be appropriate on Christ the King Sunday.  Otherwise, any time a sermon or message is coming from one of the gospels, these symbols may be helpful.

Christian Symbol: Winged Eagle

What does the Eagle mean as a Christian symbol? 

This Christian symbol of the eagle is often thought to represent the Gospel according to John. Jerome and Augustine agree on this designation, and take it to symbolize the opening words, which show John himself "soaring" to the heavens to describe the Word. 

​Irenaeus identifies the eagle with the Gospel according to Mark, because because Mark begins with a reference to Isaiah.  Irenaeus compares the arrival of the good news of the gospel coming from a prophet to the flight of a bird, thus connecting it with the eagle.  

Ultimately, Jerome and Augustine prevailed, and the Gospel according to John came to be identified with the eagle in Christian symbolism.

Where can I find this Christian symbol?

Since the wings serve to signify the symbols of the evangelists, the eagle can be difficult to identify as a specifically Christian symbol since eagles naturally have wings.  As such, the best indication that the eagle is intended to symbolize a gospel is the presence of the other three symbols.