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Each PreachingSymbols Minute Movie explores an ancient Christian Symbol in less than 90 seconds! Use them as teaching tools, conversation starters, or just for fun!

What do you want to see as the next PreachingSymbols minute movie?

Any symbol on this site is fair game, or even other images. 

Either way, stay tuned. More videos to come.

What's Next?

The second in the series, this cartoon contains drawings from a copy of Morte D'Arthur printed in the 1800's. 

It tells one of the many legends about unicorns that the church used to teach Christology.

​This one is just a shade over the minute mark at 65 seconds. 

Watch the video, and let me know how you like this art style!

This is the first PreachingSymbols Minute Movie. Most of the graphics contained within come from powtoons.

It tells the story of a young couple who find themselves captivated by a stained glass window.

​This one is on the longer side at 86 seconds.

Check it out here!

​​​PreachingSymbols Minute Movies