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Free Bible Study on the Unicorn:

Read PS 92. Did you see a unicorn? If not, try reading it again with a King James Bible. Did you see one this time? The word in verse 10 is sometimes translated as "wild ox" and sometimes as "unicorn."

It's a somewhat difficult word to translate, and has been understood to refer to several different animals, some of which are extinct.

Does the translation using "unicorn" change the meaning of the passage for you? 

Preaching with the Christian Symbol of the Unicorn:

You would need to be able to take this lightly and have fun with it, but you could preach with the Unicorn around advent. It would provide a much different way to preach about the annunciation and Magnificat. 

When would the Unicorn fit in the liturgical calendar?

If you pair the unicorn with the annunciation, it would fit nicely during advent.

The Unicorn would also be a great after Christmas or after Easter image when the pastor and congregation have just come through a difficult season. It could also be fun mid-summer. 

Christian Symbol: Unicorn

What does this Christian symbol mean?

Though the unicorn may seem to be a strange choice as a symbol of Christianity, it has been used since ancient times to signify several things.

- Purity
- Incarnation
- annunciation
- Cross

- Monotheism

The unicorn is also considered an allegory for the life of Christ.

 One legend holds that the only way to capture a unicorn was for hunters to find a virgin woman sitting in a field. After some time, a unicorn would be drawn to the woman often putting its head in her lap. The hunters could then spring from hiding and capture or even kill the unicorn.

As an allegory, the virgin symbolized Mary, and the Unicorn who came to her symbolized Jesus. The hunters would symbolize either sin or humanity.  The death or capture of the unicorn symbolized the crucifixion. With this interpretation, scenes like that depicted below could be used to teach the entire life of Christ from birth to crucifixion. 

The horn of the unicorn was thought to have healing properties, which could symbolize either the saving power or the crucifixion and resurrection, or the resurrection itself. With this interpretation, the horn could offer a way to incorporate the resurrection into a picture like that found below.

Where can I find the Unicorn as a Christian symbol?

Not many places - The unicorn is almost as allusive in Christian symbolism as it is in nature. You may occasionally find it in sculpture or very old books. If you find it elsewhere, let me know!