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VII. Related Images

At the bottom of each image page, I have included links to similar images. Since these images often overlap in their significance or appearance, I have tried to provide links as a means of cross-referencing them for your benefit.

So browse the directory of symbols here at PreachingSymbols.com, and start allowing two millennia of symbols to help  you preach, teach, and learn!

Directory of Christian Symbols

How do I use this site?

Using the slides to the right, or the navigation above, explore some of the broad areas of Christian Symbolism. Each of these areas has a general page that will direct you to the specific symbols.

On the page for each symbol you will find a variety of information.

I. The meaning of the symbol.

For each Christian symbol featured on this site, I have tried to provide a short explanation that is both brief and easy-to-understand. I have chosen to be brief and useful rather than exhaustive and cumbersome.

II. Where to find it.

I have included a quick indication of places I have found these symbols, or places I have been told others have found them. If you have found a symbol somewhere that I don't list,
let me know - you may find your spotting added to the site!

III. Free Bible Study resources

You will also find a brief outline of how you can study the Bible using these images. These are intended for either your own personal use or use in teaching a class.

IV. Preaching thoughts

If you're interested in preaching with the symbols in your worship space, I have included some general thoughts on how each symbol might work alongside a sermon.

V. Liturgical Calendar

If your tradition uses the liturgical calendar, I have included some guidelines about where each symbol could easily fit in the liturgical year.  These are just suggestions and are intended to help you think through ways to reclaim the images that are already surrounding us in worship.

VI. Images

Naturally a site like this would be pretty useless without images! The images on this site are taken from books written in the 19th and 20th centuries. If you would like information on a specific image, let me know and I'll try to help!