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Where can I find these Christian symbols?

Some, like the halo, are virtually ubiquitous throughout Christian art. Others, like the Trinity Shield are rather obscure. 

How could I teach a Bible Study with these images?

These Christian symbols have some interesting stories. Several of them are very significant throughout history, and as such offer an opportunity to teach not only Scripture, but its interpretation throughout history.

Preaching with these Christian Symbols:

The various shapes lend themselves to preaching since some of them are tied to stories in history. Others carry specific theological significance. Either way, they offer you a way to preach about history or theology that you might not otherwise mention.

What other symbols would you like to see?

Remember that this website is constantly under development. If there are specific symbols you would like to learn to preach, or use in a Bible study, snap a picture and contact us. If we can find information on it, you may just see your symbol as the next on on the site!

Christian Symbols: Shapes

What do these Christian Symbols mean?

This category is made ups of symbols that don't neatly fit in to other categories. Some attempt to convey significance through their geometry. Others are significant based on their connection to various characters.

Due to the disconnected nature of these symbols, their meanings vary widely.

Use the captions on the slideshow to the right, or the navigation bar above to explore the rich history of Christian Symbols incorporating letters. ​