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Where can I find these Christian symbols?

Symbols incorporating letters appear in a variety of places, though they seem to be particularly prominent in chancels, on pulpits, around fonts and baptisteries, and on vestments.

How could I teach a Bible Study with these image?

These Christian symbols are typically connected to a particular theological assertion. As such, they can be fairly direct in their meaning. This makes it rather easy to teach with them, though they leave less room for interpretation than other kinds of imagers, like the symbols of the evangelists.

Preaching with these Christian Symbols:

These symbols allow you to tackle otherwise difficult or complex theological doctrines, and to highlight their significance throughout Church History. 

Explore these various symbols, and consider ways to work them into your own liturgy. You may be surprised at how well they represent some of the theology that your congregation holds implicitly.

What other symbols would you like to see?

Remember that this website is constantly under development. If there are specific symbols you would like to learn to preach, or use in a Bible study, snap a picture and contact us. If we can find information on it, you may just see your symbol as the next on on the site!

Christian Symbols: Letters

What do these Christian Symbols mean?

Many Christian Symbols incorporate letters. On this page, you will find links to several of them. The letters rarely represent English words, which makes it difficult to intuit their significance. Nonetheless, they can be powerful symbols, offering insight into our own creeds and beliefs. 

​They tend to be affirmations of faith, or to represent specific doctrines. Use the captions on the slideshow to the right, or the navigation bar above to explore the rich history of Christian Symbols incorporating letters. ​