The Allegory of the Unicorn Explained:

First, remember that this is an allegory - it's more art than science and more poetry than theology.

In this story, the pure-hearted maiden is considered to represent Mary and, through her, humanity.  

The Unicorn, who chooses to allow itself to be killed in order to be in relationship with humanity, is taken to symbolize Jesus.

The hunter, who kills the unicorn for his own selfish gain, represents sin and the fallen nature of humanity.

The horn of the unicorn, with power to heal, is used to represent the cross.

It's important to take this as allegory, not as doctrine.  The best way to understand this story is as a memory trick or teaching tool.  It is only helpful if it steers you back to scripture.  So what does the unicorn mean as a Christian symbol?  The story is an allegory of the incarnation.

For a more in depth analysis, check the unicorn symbol page.

Transcript of: The Legend of the Unicorn

The Legend of the Unicorn

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- Rev. Derek R. Davenport

Long ago, Unicorns lived freely in the open.
Then, hunters learned their horns could cure poison.
The magical beasts disappeared into the forests.

But one hunter refused to give up his prey.
He knew his chance would come.
He was right.
A purehearted maiden  approached the edge of the forest.

Unicorns, by nature, are irresistably drawn to innocence.
As soon as it entered the clearing, the hunter pounced.

Some say the unicorn died.
Others say the magic of its horn brought it back to life.
Ancient mystics used this story as a teaching tool.
Find out how at

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