Free Bible Study on the Lamb:

Read Exodus 12.1-13. What was the role of the lamb in the Passover? 

Read John 1.28-36. John the Baptist identifies Jesus as the Lamb. For John, what function does the Lamb fulfill?

Have participants read the following passages and reflect on the role of the Lamb in each: 

I Corinthians 5.6-8. 

I Peter 1.17-21

​Revelation 5.13-14

​As a class, read Isaiah 53, which is typically taken to represent Jesus. Why did Isaiah use the image of a Lamb here? 

​Finally, read acts 8.26-40. How did the early church interpret Isaiah 53? How do passages like these inform our understanding of Jesus?

Preaching with the Christian Symbol of the Lamb

The lamb is a prolific symbol throughout scripture, as seen above. It could be an appropriate image to refer to when preaching on any of those passages. It offers a way to highlight the connections we draw between passages like Exodus 12 and John 1, or Isaiah 53 and I Peter 1. 

When preaching on the crucifixion or resurrection, the Lamb offers a way to discuss your particular theory of atonement.

When would the Lamb fit in the liturgical calendar?

The lamb is easily used during Advent, Christmas, Lent, or Easter.

If you use the lectionary, Isaiah 53 may appear around Christmas or Easter. Because of its frequent use in scripture, it can be easy to use the lamb at may points during the year.

Christian Symbol: The Lamb

​What does this Christian symbol mean? 

The lamb is most frequently a symbol of Christ, especially when pictured as seen to the left, with a Latin Cross and cruciform nimbus

When symbolizing Christ, the Lamb emphasizes Jesus' sacrificial death.

Where can I find this Christian symbol?

The Lamb is a popular image, and appears in many places. There is a chance that you'll find the lamb anywhere you find other images such as stained glass, vestments, digital art, and sculpture.

Sometimes the lamb can be found close to the cross. 

It's important to note that if the lamb appears along with a shepherd, the symbolism is typically different.

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