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Christian Symbol - ICXC NIKA surrounding a double-barred cross.
Christian Symbol - ICXC NIKA surrounding a cross.

Free Bible Study on IC XC NIKA:

Read Romans 8.31-39 and
I Corinthians 15.50-58.What does it mean here to be "more than conquerors?" Who is the conqueror? What is conquered?

Next read Psalm 20. What kinds of "victories" do we yearn for? What victory does the Psalmist describe? How are these victories similar to or different from the conquering we find in Romans 8?

Finally, read I John 5.1-5.  How might this influence your understanding of Christ as conqueror? 

Passages like these may come to mind when we see symbols like those found on this page. Are you comfortable with this kind of imagery? Why or why not?

How to preach with the Christian Symbol of IC XC NIKA:

Similar to the fish, this symbol can be easy to preach because it is a proclamation. This would be a great symbol to use any time you are discussing faith or hope, or even in the face of adversity.

When would this symbol fit in the liturgical calendar?

This symbol lends itself easily to use during the season of Easter. When paired with I Corinthians 15, it works well at services of witness to the resurrection, funerals, or memorial services (depending on your tradition).

Christian Symbol:  IC XC NIKA

​​What does this Christian symbol mean? 

​IC XC NIKA means "Jesus Christ Conquers."

​The IC and XC are the first and last letters in the Greek words for Jesus and Christ, respectively. NIKA is connected to the word for victory, which we know from Greek mythology and even consumerism as "Nike."

Where can I find this Christian symbol?

This formula was historically quite popular in the Eastern tradition, appearing frequently on Icons.  Also, in traditions using wafers for communion, this formula can sometimes be found stamped on the wafers.  

Some denominations throughout history have incorporated this symbol in their denominational imagery, and it will sometimes appear on various vestments, banners, or engravings. It is much more rare in newer artwork since few people are familiar with its significance. 

It can also be seen accompanying various forms of crosses such as the Greek Cross on the right and the Patriarchal Cross below.