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Dove with Nimbus as Christian Symbol
Dove as Christian Symbol

Free Bible Study on the Dove:

Read Genesis 8.6-12.

What message did the Dove convey to Noah?

 Read the following passages:

Mark 1.9-11

John 1.29-34

Luke 3.21-22

The story of Jesus' baptism is often understood as a manifestation of the Trinity. The voice from above is understood to represent the first person of the Trinity, Jesus the second, and the dove the third. Why do you think the Church has interpreted them in this way? In what ways might the dove be an appropriate symbol of the Holy Spirit?

Preaching with the Christian Symbol of the Dove

The dove is a great image to use when preaching on any of the above passages, or when celebrating Pentecost.  It would be appropriate on images, bulletin covers, or just to point out when preaching on the above topics or passages.  

When would this symbol fit in the liturgical calendar?

 The dove is used most easily during any sermon dealing with the Holy Spirit.  It may be used most easily at or around Pentecost.

Christian Symbol: The Dove

What does this Christian symbol mean?

The dove can symbolize several things:

    + The Holy Spirit

    + Salvation

    + Peace

    + Purity​

​    + The Soul

Where can I find this Christian symbol?

The Dove is a popular Christian symbol in stained glass. 

The Dove is also often pictured at the top of a cross or crucifix like the Pelican. You will occasionally see it accompanying saints or characters from the Bible to signify purity.  One of the most popular spots to find the dove is in depictions of the baptism of Jesus.

The dove as a Christian symbol has also been incorporated in denominational symbols, like the seal of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. or the United Methodist Church.