Table of Contents for the Series:

Lesson I  covers the anchor and fish as symbols, as well as persecution under the Roman Empire.

Lesson II  will cover the conversion of Constantine, the Chi-Rho, IC XC Nika, and the artwork of Rubens about Constantine.

Lesson III will address the gradual adoption of crosses and cruciform imagery.

Lesson IV will discuss Renaissance art and crucifixes, as well as teaching a method to "decode" crucifix paintings.

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Quick Notes on Renaissance Crucifixion Imagery

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Art on a Clock: The Renaissance

Many of the characters and symbols present in Renaissance depictions of the Crucifixion have specific significance that can be "decoded" based on their location relative to the cross. The parable of the Sheep and the Goats provides on way to interpret these paintings.

This video is a lesson on Christian Symbolism delivered at the Presbyterian Church of Sewickley.  Using ancient history, archaeology, theology and art, this presentation explores the symbolism of crucifixion scenes from the Renaissance, and provides methods to "decode" some of the various theological claims.


- Rev. Derek R. Davenport