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The Chi Rho (XP) is connected historically to the conversion of Constantine and came to symbolize victory in Christ. 
ICXC Paired with the work Nika means roughly "Jesus Christ Conquers" and has some connection to the events surrounding Constantine's conversion.  

This video is a lesson on Christian Symbolism delivered at the Presbyterian Church of Sewickley.  Using ancient history, archaeology, theology and art, this presentation explores the symbolism of the early church, focusing on the year 312 and the conversion of Constantine.  The images of particular focus in this lesson are the XP (Chi Rho) and IC XC Nika


- Rev. Derek R. Davenport

Quick Notes on the Anchor and Fish

Table of Contents for the Series:

Lesson I  covers the anchor and fish as symbols, as well as persecution under the Roman Empire.

Lesson II  will cover the conversion of Constantine, the Chi-Rho, IC XC Nika, and the artwork of Rubens about Constantine.

Lesson III will address the gradual adoption of crosses and cruciform imagery.

Lesson IV will discuss Renaissance art and crucifixes, as well as teaching a method to "decode" crucifix paintings.

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