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Where can I find these Christian symbols?

The cross is probably the most ubiquitous of Christian symbols. Look for them adorning the exteriors of churches, various places in sanctuaries, on jewelry, tattoos, greeting cards and t-shirts. 

How could I teach a Bible Study with these image?

Any lesson on the death and resurrection of Jesus could be augmented to include reference to a kind of cross. For specific information on various crosses, use the top navigation bar or the links on this page to explore sermon information and free Bible study resources connected to crosses.

Preaching with these Christian Symbols:

A famous preacher, Charles Spurgeon, is often quoted as saying that sermons should make "a bee-line to the cross." 

In some sense, every Christian sermon should, by definition, incorporate some aspect of the message of the cross. As such, this image should be a relatively easy one to use in preaching.

What other symbols would you like to see?

Remember that this website is constantly under development. If there are specific symbols you would like to learn to preach, or use in a Bible study, snap a picture and contact us. If we can find information on it, you may just see your symbol as the next on on the site!

Christian Symbols: Crosses

What do these Christian Symbols mean?

The cross is often considered to be the most universal and widely recognized symbol of Christianity.

The cross has come to represent both the death and resurrection of Jesus.

In addition to their use as Christian Symbols, the various forms of the cross are also often used in secular art. While there are many different shapes and styles of Cross that have specific theological meanings, many crosses in secular art are designed with little consideration of symbolism.