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Preaching these sermons...

As Director of Enrollment at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, I have had the opportunity to preach in a variety of settings to congregations ranging from a dozen to a few thousand.

I have a lot of fun preaching, and people frequently ask me for a copies of my sermons.

But I never have them. See, I never actually write my sermons down. Instead, I've come to use an ancient memory technique that helps me deliver my sermons without notes. On the plus side, I find it to be a lot more fun, and it also makes it easier to engage with the congregation. On the down side, when people want manuscripts, I don't have them! The closest thing I can offer is a recording...

So here they are.

This is as close as you will get to a manuscript of my preaching. Feel free to listen to as many of these sermons as you would like. Enjoy them, ponder them, critique them, and share them.

If you find something particularly moving, challenging, thought-provoking or just fun, please let me know!


Rev. Derek R. Davenport.

Audio Sermons from Rev. Derek R. Davenport

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