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Where can I find these Christian symbols?

Some of the animal symbols are quite popular and can be seen in many places.  Others have risen and fallen in frequency of use through the years. Nonetheless, animals as symbols have maintained a degree of popularity.

Chances are, you have seen or used animals as symbols at some point.

How could I teach a Bible Study with these images?

Animals as symbols can be fun to use in Bible studies because they grab the imagination and stick in the memory. 

Each animal has a specific use, and several of them have their foundation in scripture. As such, they are easy to use for Bible studies.

Preaching with these Christian Symbols:

Again, because of the way these symbols can embed themselves in the memory, they can be helpful to use when preaching. 

What other symbols would you like to see?

Remember that this website is constantly under development. If there are specific symbols you would like to learn to preach, or use in a Bible study, snap a picture and contact us. If we can find information on it, you may just see your symbol as the next on on the site!

Christian Symbols: Animals

 What do these Christian Symbols Mean?

Animals are used in a variety of ways as Christian symbols. Each animal carries a different significance and highlights a different theological concept.

​Some of the animals have deep scriptural connections. Others represent theological developments.

Use the captions on the slideshow to the right, or the navigation bar above to explore the rich history of Christian Symbols incorporating animals. ​